Make a lasting impression.

Events are ideal opportunities to shine the spotlight on your brand. Carefully choreographed to deliver maximum impact in slick, concise, memorable sound bites, your event should be a well-integrated tool in an overall strategy.



Awards are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and to celebrate your brand. We navigate the awards landscape for you by identifying the relevant categories for your business and producing submissions that will give you the best opportunity to win.

Trade shows

Stand your ground.

Hosting a stand at a trade show provides three great opportunities: before, during and after. Our international team manages and supports your pre-event communications, your presence visually during the show and your promotional material, so that everyone remembers you and your brand when the show is over.

Press conferences

A single moment to shine.

Press conferences are influential events that can be daunting for organisers and speakers alike, but the key to success is preparation. These events are highly-orchestrated moments in an organisation’s life, which draw attention to a specific subject with focused and deliberate planning.

Brand and product launches

A new step.

A new product, new brand or rebrand is an exciting time. Maximise every customer-facing opportunity in the right way, at the right time to enhance, to develop and to strengthen your business. And you must excite, encourage and enthuse your other stakeholders too. The coordinated strategy for a brand or product launch is extensive but so are the rewards.

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