Planning & Evaluation

Solid foundations create solid businesses.

Groundwork is a requirement for any business, so you must know what your brand and your company stand for before you communicate about them. The planning stages can be complex but rewarding, as identifying fundamental details at the beginning – and getting them right - enables you to create the right key messages, which in turn promote a strong, confident, compelling brand.

Strategic development

Strategy is everything.

It’s about who you’re aiming for, where you’re going, how you’ll get there, when, and, most importantly, why. A great strategy identifies your strengths, aspirations and goals - and it packages them into an attractive proposition for your customers.

Stakeholder mapping

Know your audience.

Stakeholder mapping identifies the internal and external audiences that can be influenced by your company’s communications strategy. Once identified, you can sort them according to their impact in order to structure communication and to get the very best results.

Key message development

Say one thing, and say it well.

Being focussed creates pure messaging, clear offerings and loyal customers. Key messages are essential because they are the building blocks of your branding, and the salient points you want your stakeholders to understand and to remember.

Auditing, tracking, reporting and evaluating

Understand your activities.

Auditing, tracking, reporting and evaluating needs to be done regularly and frequently. Evaluating the results of the communications plan provides the opportunity to monitor the communications goals and overall strategy, giving you a better insight on your activities and a measure of return on investment, too.

Market analysis

Gain insight.

A deep look into a market allows you to plan a perfect strategy. Who are your competitors and what are they doing? What are your market’s needs? What are your strengths and your weaknesses? Knowing the answers defines business objectives.

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