Empowering businesses.

Marketing, marketing communications and internal communication are all essential parts of any business strategy. We train our clients to handle the press in the native language, or to improve presentation skills for talking to the board. We’re there to support our clients for these scenarios, and more.

Media training

Influence the world.

The press is a great channel for businesses to promote themselves. However, journalists and businesses sometimes have competing interests when telling a story. To position a story in the wrong light with the media can have a negative effect and lead to a damaged reputation. With appropriate training and practice, spokespeople can face the press confidently, and without fear, and leverage those relationships for the benefit of their organisations.

Communications training

Image is everything.

People do business with people - so reputation matters. The public image of your business is incredibly powerful because your stakeholders will make business, social and moral judgements based on the way you conduct yourself. Understanding how to align business strategy with communication plans, and appreciating the complexities and subtleties, is what this training will deliver.

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